July 9, 2015

Dr. Blake Bergeron: Colic, Its Causes, and What You Can Do

Why is my baby constantly crying? How do I know if my baby's fussiness is due to colic? What causes colic? When should I seek medical help for my baby? What helps? Can probiotics/OTC gas make a difference?

If any of these questions apply to you and your children, we have the article for you. Our very own Dr. Blake Bergeron answers these questions in his article: Colic, Its Causes, and What You Can Do. Click the link below to read more!


February 4, 2015

Dr. Frizzell: Vaccinations are Imperative

Dr. Noel K. Frizzell, M.D.

Just this week a couple of high-profile politicians were weighing in with their thoughts on vaccination.  While they both say they are pro-vaccination, they are also supporting the parents’ right to refuse vaccine.  These opinions have prompted a huge media discussion of vaccine and public safety. 

I thought this would be a good time to share the thoughts of the physicians at Pediatric Consultants.  Simply put, we strongly believe that vaccines are safe and necessary.  The physicians in our group feel so strongly on this subject that we have decided that we are unwilling to have patients in our practice who choose not to vaccinate.  Not vaccinating a child carries significant risks that we are just not willing to accept.  

The recent outbreak of measles shows what can happen if people make a choice not to vaccinate.  Measles is a serious and preventable disease.  This kind of outbreak does not happen if everyone is properly vaccinated.  It is hard for me to understand the fears that lead some parents to make a choice and accept these risks. Here is an interesting and related discussion (five-minute audio) from this morning’s NPR Morning Edition (follow this link below and then click on play/"Listen to the Story"):   

Lastly, we believe parents who choose not to vaccinate can put other children at risk.  Infants, young children, and immunosuppressed children are at increased risk during an outbreak of preventable infections. 


Noel K. Frizzell, M.D.