May 26, 2011

Triathlon Photos!

The race is finished, the results are in, and Dr. Frizzell, Dr. Huggins, Dr. Mathis, and Nurse Cassandra are fully recovered! Now, it's time for some photos from last weekend's fun and exercise at the 2011 Memphis in May Triathlon in Tunica, Mississipp!

Follow this link to view a pictorial review of the event:

May 24, 2011

Pediatric Consultants Triathletes!

The race site of this year's Memphis in May Triathlon!
The doctors, nurses, and staff of Pediatric Consultants preach the importance of exercising and staying physically active to our patients and parents on a daily basis. We also practice what we preach! This past weekend, Dr. Kip Frizzell (Le Behoneur office) Dr. Marybeth Huggins (Le Bonheur), Dr. Chris Mathis (Baptist Women's East), and nurse Cassandra Dyer (East) competed in the Memphis in May Triathlon, located this year in Tunica, Mississippi.

Nurse Cassandra kicked off the weekend's fun by completing the sprint triathlon on Saturday. Her husband, Tim, also did the olympic triathlon Sunday! Dr. Frizzell and Dr. Huggins teamed up to form a dynamic duo relay team, while Dr. Mathis completed the entire olympic triathlon on his own! The weather was definitely iffy as hard rain poured down for a large portion of the event, making the course wet, but also perhaps providing a bit of relief from the heat.

All four of our Pediatric Consultants competitors put in hours, days, weeks, and even months of training in order to be able to complete these events. Dr. Frizzell logged over 800 miles on his bike in order to build endurance to complete the 40K (24 miles) bike portion of he and Dr. Huggins' relay team. Dr. Huggins swam 1.4K (one mile) in the water just outside of Harrah's Casino to begin their relay, then she got a brief rest as Dr. Frizzell briskly finished the bike course. Dr. Huggins then ran 10K to finish the race, which would normally be just over 6 miles, but the course actually was longer, almost seven miles total!

Dr. Mathis, a fitness enthusiast and well-rounded athlete, did the entire olympic race by himself, finishing the event in an impressive 2 hours and 50 minutes (that's almost 34 miles total via water, bike, and foot!).

Fun was had by all four and we send them a hearty congratulations for completing such a difficult challenge, and for setting a wonderful example for our patients, parents, and friends!