December 20, 2010

Caring for Kids (and Getting Lost) in the New LeBonheur Children's Hospital!

A beautiful view of downtown Memphis from
atop Le Bonheur (photo by Dr. Frizzell)
We usually see our patients in our offices at Pediatric Consultants for routine visits. We check your growth and development, give vaccinations, and make sure everything is going okay in your lives. We also see you when you’re not feeling so great. We patch you up and offer our best advice and maybe prescribe some medication to help you feel better again.

Sometimes, our patients get very sick and have to go to the hospital. We hope you never have that experience, but if you do, we’ll take great care of you there, too. And lucky for you, we have one of the country’s best children’s hospitals right here in Memphis!

On December 4th and 5th, Le Bonheur moved into its beautiful new home! Dr. Ann Lankford was caring for patients in the hospital on the weekend of the “big move” and had this to say, “The new Le Bonheur is beautiful! The architecture and the artwork are truly stunning and I found myself gazing around at everything: light fixtures, statues, paintings, not to mention the spectacular view of downtown. All the families seemed very pleased with the moving process and the new rooms are very comfortable. Memphis has gained a new gem!”

"Where the Wind Plays" by Yvonne Bobo
(photo courtesy of Le Bonheur)

Art is part of the healing process at Le Bonheur. Creative works of art by renowned regional artists and even local children are everywhere you turn. Dr. Kip Frizzell says, “The building is visually spectacular. It's hard not to get distracted by the beautiful views. I also notice new art work each time I walk a new corridor and some of the pieces were done by my patients. So, that's fun when I recognize the artist name on one of the pieces.”

The first PedFlight! Emergency
crews can reach the ED in less than
a minute thanks to a dedicated elevator
(photo courtesy of Le Bonheur)
While you’re admiring the artwork and gazing at the spectacular views, be careful you don’t get lost! Dr. Frizzell says, “On a recent trip to the radiology department and then to the ED, I had to have an escort to show me the way out. The place is BIG.” And take Dr. Leon Livingston’s advice! “Dr. Scott and I did get lost briefly but found our way back without bread crumbs. Do not use the stairwell as a short cut. They will lock behind you!”