June 25, 2012

Parent-Recommended Apps for Kids

We recently asked parents on facebook what their kids' favorite apps are, and we got a lot of great responses. Here they are, in case you're looking for something new!

Kirsten: Dr. Seuss Books. There is even an auto play so it will read to them. Great for when mom has a doctor appointment.

Kyleigh: Elmo Calls - Elmo pops up talking to them about various things. Perfect for 1-3 year olds in my opinion. My almost 3 year old loves it.

Kimberly: ABA “Applied Behavioral Analysis”. If you go to kindergarten.com it will give you a link to all the apps that are available. There are apps appropriate for all age groups!

Crystal: Smule's Magic Piano. My kids (ages 4 & 8) love this. You tap the dots and it plays the notes/chords. Really good mix of classical to pop to children's songs.

Emily: For my 8-yr-old- Angry birds space, Madden NFL 12, Temple Run. For my 4-yr-old- Fruit Ninja, Super Why, and Garbage

Jessica: Collyn (8) loves draw something and scramble with friends. She is very artsy and loves playing w her friends. Also scramble with friends allows her to work on her spelling and vocabulary while being timed!

Laura: My 2 year old loves Vocal Zoo. You touch the animals picture and it makes the sound and tells you what animal it is :)

Berenice: Abc song, where is puppy, abc (age 2)

Lori: The Monster at the End of this Book featuring Grover. It's a lot of fun!

Christy: Tozzle puzzles for my 3yr old and power ranger samurai

Jennifer: Stack the States

Jessica: Smarter than a fifth grader. It's great!!!

Tiffany: PBS kids!

JM: The one with the animals that repeat what you say. She downloaded 8 of them (Talking Tom).

Katie: Monkey preschool lunchbox for my almost 3 year old and counting 123. 

June 18, 2012

Memphis in May Triathlon 2012

Here are a few photos from the Memphis in May Triathlon 2012! Dr. Kip Frizzell (cycling) and Dr. Marybeth Huggins (swimming and running) competed as a relay team and Dr. Chris Mathis competed in the full triathlon. Congratulations to our athletes!


June 15, 2012

Le Bonheur Celebrates 60 Years

Dr. Kip as a resident

Once Upon a Heart - a collection of 60 stories spanning Le Bonheur's first 60 years - will be available beginning June 15, the hospital's 60th Birthday!

"Le Bonheur's Central Tower opened up while I was a resident. In 2008, I watched the new hospital go up, and now I'm watching the Central Tower come down. I have watched Le Bonheur evolve from a community hospital to one of the nation's best institutions for caring for kids."

- excerpt from "Soft Spot," narrated by Dr. Noel "Kip" Frizzell.

June 13, 2012

CPR Saves Lives

As summer time heats up, many of us are headed to the swimming pool or the beach for some fun in the sun. But summer also means a spike in accidental drownings among children. Our own Dr. Jara Best made the news last month when she and a nurse administered CPR to a little girl who had nearly drowned.

About her role in saving Shawanda Birdsey’s life, Dr. Best said, “It was indeed a life changing experience to say the least.  After I realized that I had actually helped save her life, I was a little overwhelmed. However, I was also very grateful that I was at the right place at the right time to do what had to be done to help Shawanda."

It was nothing short of a miracle that two medical professionals were on the scene, but it got us thinking…what if they hadn’t been there? As Dr. Best says, “You do not have to be in the medical field to learn how to perform CPR. I think EVERYONE should learn CPR! As we all know, accidents happen all of the time and you never know when someone might need help."

“CPR stands for Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation. A person who is unresponsive, not breathing, and does not have a heartbeat or pulse needs CPR,” says Dr. Best. You can find CPR and first aid training classes through the American Red Cross or the American HeartAssociation.

We are so thankful that Dr. Best was able to remain calm and execute her CPR training flawlessly. She saved one little girl’s life, but we hope that her story will inspire many parents and caregivers to learn CPR and first aid or to get a refresher course!