June 30, 2011

Teens and Fitness

Dr. Frizzell was recently featured in an article about teen fitness in the Commercial Appeal! We talk a lot about healthy living at Pediatric Consultants and on our blog, and this article has great tips for getting active and staying fit:

“In his more than 30 years of practicing general pediatrics, Dr. Noel K. "Kip" Frizzell, CEO of Memphis-based Pediatric Consultants PC, has seen firsthand the problems associated with teenagers who don't get enough exercise.

"Today's teens are not getting close to enough exercise," Frizzell said. "There are a million reasons that we could blame it on, but, overall, the incidence of obesity and poor physical fitness are just way too high. I write a lot of 'healthy living' prescriptions these days, but, unfortunately, it mainly comes up when I'm seeing some of my patients with obesity."

Frizzell recommends at least one hour of exercise each day for teens. "It doesn't have to be a strenuous workout, just something fun that will make you breathe fast and get your heart rate up," he said. "Any kind of play outdoors will do." (Check out letsmove.gov/get-active or bam.gov/sub_physicalactivity /index.html)

Frizzell also recommends limiting screen time (TV, video games, computer) to two hours a day. "You'd be surprised how many kids get six hours of TV every day," he said. "It's hard to be active and stay in shape if you watch that much TV. The type of exercise each child needs is very individualized. Not everyone has good eye-hand coordination or enjoys team sports, but every child (with a parent's help and encouragement) can find an activity that is fun.””

To read the rest of the article, including tips from personal trainers, dance instructors, and parents, click here!