September 28, 2010

Go Kip Go!

For the fifth year in a row, News Channel 3 meteorologist Jim Jaggers rode over 333 miles on his bike to help the children at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital. This year, though, he had some company! Dr. Kip Frizzell represented Pediatric Consultants by joining Jim for over 50 miles of cycling on September 22, 2010. Dr. Kip sat down with The Checkup to talk about this experience!

Why did you decide to bike in Go Jim Go? 

Channel 3's Jim Jaggers and Dr. Kip Frizzell
I am a cycling hobbyist - a recreational cyclist.  I ride for fun and fitness.  I have even dabbled in doing the cycling portion of a triathlon, but overall I don't really compete (except with myself).  I got interested in GJG because of my cycling interest and because Le Bonheur is where I live.  It seemed like a natural "fit" for me to participate in this to help raise money and awareness for the hospital.  And I was able to talk fellow Pediatric Consultants pediatrician, Dr. Chris Mathis, into joining me.  Chris, unfortunately, had a pretty serious quadriceps injury two days before the ride so he was not able to participate.  Chris has promised not to play any more kickball!

What's the farthest you had biked before this ride? 

My longest ride was about 40 miles in one day.  I'm not fast enough to get in more miles than that. I cramped up at mile number 50 and just couldn't go any further.  I think on a cooler day, or maybe with more water and/or electrolytes, I might have been able to go 60 miles!

Where did you ride?  

The last day of GJG started in Collierville.  We went to schools in Collierville, Cordova, Germantown, and Memphis,  We had lunch at a Sonic out on Winchester, I believe.  By late afternoon we found ourselves on the new 'Greenway' that runs from midtown to Shelby Farms.  It is really fantastic, by the way!  

What's Jim Jaggers like? 

Jim is great.  He is a very good cyclist and his enthusiasm for the project is contagious.  I really enjoyed getting to know him and I appreciate his efforts on behalf of LB.

What was your favorite part of the ride?  

Team Velo gives Dr. Kip an extra hand after 50+ miles
The people.  I "tweeted" at the end of the day that cyclists are the nicest people in the world.  Everyone was encouraging from the first mile on, teaching me along the way about group riding.  Jim has a group that rides with him each day and they are really dedicated.  On the last day members of Memphis Velo (here's their website), a racing team, joined us.  It was a real treat for me to get to know these cyclists.  They are great athletes and great people.  When I cramped up a bit at the very end, the team literally pushed me for a few miles on the Greenway.  I made a lot of friends on my ride, for sure.

Will you be back for Go Jim Go 2011? 

Sure hope so!

How can people learn more about Go Jim Go?

You can learn more about Go Jim Go by visiting Thanks to everyone for their support!